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vipingilizce.com is an English writing directory prepared with a view to make the needs of English learners via internet easily accessible and obtainable.

This website is also composed of many contemporary categories by taking into consideration the interests of internet users.

Articles are supported by visualizations so as to facilitate English learning. Furthermore, there are simplified English explanations and voice prononcuation of some words which are found necessary.

This site also devotes itself to brief English grammer knowledge which would be needed by the clients while reading the articles. Detailed grammer is not conisdered as a necessary tool based on the view that learning based on grammer rules is not an effective way of learning.

New parts can be added to the site by evaluating the demands of the clients in order to facilitate learning. You can deliver your questions and suggestions by using the communication form.

vipingilizce.com is prepared for more enjoyable English learning without any commercial considerations. Try to enjoy it…


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