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Clothes Make the Man – English Idioms (Section Five)

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Clothes Make the Man (and Woman) – English Idioms (Section Five)

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1- Wet Blanket (dull or boring person who spoils the happiness of others)

James was not invited to go on the outing with the rest of the group because he’s such a wet blanket. On many previous occasions he has kept others from enjoying themselves by his pessimism and lack of enthusiasm. It’s understandable that no one wants him around.

2- Keep Under One’s Hat (keep something a secret)

Although the contestants were most anxious to know who won the prizesin the piano competition, the judges kept the results under their hats. They kept the results a secret so that the formal announcements could be made in public at t he awards ceremony.

3- Up One’s Sleeve (concealed)

-All right, Sara. We know that you’re planning something big for Jean-Paul’s birthday Mind telling us just what you have up your sleeve?
-I wanted to make his birthday a very special event. Jean-Paul has a sister living in France, and I sent her an airplane ticket so that she could be here for his birthday.
-Boy! That is something special! We kind of guessed that you had some concealed plan and were waiting for the right time to reveal it.
-Well, I didn’t want to say anything untill I was sure she could come.

4- Dressed to Kill (wear one’s finest clothes)


The reception for the new Swedish ambassador at the Jennison’s was quite lavish. Naturally, everybody was dressed to kill. Since it was a formal occasion, everyone was dressed in their finest, most elegant clothes.

5- Give Someone the Slip (make a gateway)

The police were chasing the thief through the streets of the city, but he managed to give them the slip. No wonder. There were so many people around that the thief managed to escape by getting lost in the crowds.

6- Knock Someone’s Socks Off (enthuse and excite)

-Hi, John. What’s new?
-Oh, nothing too much with me, but you ought to see Alfredo’s new car. It’ll knock your socks off!
-So, he finally got that Italian sports car he’s been dreaming about.
-He sure did! When you see al the custom features that it has, you’ll get so enthused and excited you won’t know what to do!
-Boy, I can hardly wait to go for a ride in it!

7- Talk Thorough One’s Hat (make foolish statements)

-We were discussing ethnic tradition and custom with Fred the other day, and he showed just how little he knew about other cultures.
-What do you mean?
-Well, he said that as far as he could tell, there wasn’t much diffrence in behaviour and temparement between the English and the Hispanics.
-It’s plain to see that he was talking through his hat!
-True, but Fred thinks he’s an authority on everything. It was difficult to convince him that he was talking ignorantly. He’s got a reputation for making foolish, inaccurate statements.

8- Lose One’s Shirt (lose a great deal of money)

-I happened to bump into Doug at lunch yesterday afernoon.
-What’s new with Daug these days?
-He wasn’t doing so well. For one thing, he told me he lost his shirt at the races.
-Doug has always liked to bet on the horses. I’m not surprised that he lost a great deal of money.
-Yeah. At this rate he’ll never have a penny to his name!

9- In Stitches (laughing very hard)

-Danny was hilarious at the party the other night. He had us all in stitches! I didn’t realize that he was such a comedian.
-He’s always been funny, but last night he outdid himself. He had us laughing so hard that it hurt our sides.

10- Dressed to the Teeth (dressed elegantly)

-Did you see Hilda at the party last night?
-Yes, I did. She was really dressed to the teeth!
-Well, she had on her finest, most elegant clothing because she was out to make a good impression on Bill.


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